... if you write .. .

if you write about a character; you give him a soul out of a single memory that belongs to you . then, you draw his questionable vices, a couple of them ... then, you paint his appetites following a dark sequence of words .. you make him, immoral ... beautiful and imperfect .

like a fucked up vodoo spell gone really really wrong .

a colored dusk ... & a sweet lullaby out of a child's nursery rhyme... then ... you throw him alone into the world . & you don't say a thing to him .. not a thing .. you just watch him go ...


k . s . c . k .

kiri sawi crimolia kahn .

.. . anti-luz

{ aguien por ahi encaramado en un cometa, agarrándose bien fuerte de sus pelos de fuego, de cabeza y a carcajadas; te piensa jodidamente mientras acaricia con sus dedos a las supernovas a toda velocidad ] + . .. estas hecha de todos los colores del cielo . .. me haces tanta falta .


.. . mi ojo izquierdo .. .

tiene el complicado problema de chorrear .. a veces .. . y con un dolor que se entierra .. . una especie, como de sol, muy incandescente, durante las madrugadas ..  .


.. . about underdreams . ..

playgrounds under the milky way .. . 

IMG 9354

[ principles } + .. .. .

{ principle #9: on the subject of souls, or 'meta-lights' in photographs . to retouch a photo too much after is taken, is like 'over-dressing' a deceased with too much makeup . but then again, it is also fundamental to "illuminate" the corpse as incandescent as you can for its funeral . and the very soul of a picture will show it's pulse . and the audience will be embraced by colors of horrors and hope . ] + 


[ principle #11: films . or any audiovisual manifesto supernova for that matter, it is imperial to consider musi.k as a 'marionnettiste' within the pulsing scenes .. a personality that will take with it, everything on the frame to the absolute fall, and everything that got broken to all possible highs . it is indifferent to me if it is violins or screams, as long as it … is . in the subject of the 'eye prism', it is essential, it is absoluta law .. it is gaceta oficial, to paint ravishing lightings as you were to cum in all colored lights, all over the canvas of the film . } +




[ principle #3: in such things made of letters and ink . literature fantástika, it is easy . you write in semen and oils, passion and chaos; until you reach the center of it all, the rock and roll of the living that will travel through your pages … you write about things broken and dances and hums … you write about it all … you bathe in colors and splendors … you dynamite the insides of all your 10.000 heads . } +




{ principle #665: in radios spectaculariam . you hum . and you do it like orson.. and, you do it like me . ] +


el fin del mundo .. . 
 .. .    .

IMG 8595

el faro ...

.. . el faro en silencio .. sin pasajero .. debajo de la tempestad . ... y una luz angustiada.. muy lejos, perdida en los instantes que la alejan permanentemente de la tierra firme.

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ven ... que te voy a echar un cuento .

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